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Packaging product

Besides Sushi robots, we are also the Authorised Agent for enterpack company (packaging product)

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Enterpack Packings Machines

With suitable trays or bowls to fill in food to pack, Enterpack machine will seal the packages with special film to hold the foods or soup without spilling out. Trays and bowls are available in different varieties and size. Colours are in white, black or transparancies depended on the model.

To have a clear vision of the inside, Enterpack has come out with films(cover) that are anti-fogging so that the cover stays clear even if it is cold or hot food.

Enterpack machines provide:
  • power saving function, easy temp control & speed
  • noise minimisation, safe operation
  • auto-film load with sensor
  • auto-sealling, cutting & lifting
  • easy load & exchange of film
  • removal brush against static electricity
  • film punching device


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